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DTL-20 Series : Low/Medium-Power Digital VHF TV Transmitter

The DTL-20 Series’ frequency-agile design is highlighted by a synthesized local oscillator that covers the entire VHF band III, making channel-specific components unnecessary. All DTL-20 transmitters are produced from, and supported by, one common set of modules, enhancing cost-effectiveness from purchase to installation and support. Yet another advantage offered by the DTL-20 Series is its incorporation of an N+1 common standby system configuration, free of channel-specific components.


Amplifier module VA400RE

With high reliable LDMOS which is also used to the PA of High Power TX

Easy maintenance

MER, IM, signal analysis without test equipment

Wide band for All Band III without readjustment Compact design

Mounted in a single rack (W 600 x H 2100 x D 800) power up to 2kW output

Individual cooling by fan for power amplifier
  • Can be easily replaced during operation
  • Can be equipped in 19inch Rack since no need of blower
Supports DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb, ATSC digital TV standards


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