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DTL-20 Series : Low/Medium-Power Digital VHF TV Transmitter

Specifications and Performance

ASI Input 4 x DVB ASI ,270Mbps, Serial 75ΩBNC
(2 for HP, 2for LP)
Remote Parallel: status/alarm/command;
Serial: RS-485, 15 pin HD-D-sub female
Reference 10MHz, 0dBm ±3dB, 50Ω BNC
(N/A when internal GPS receiver exists)
RS-232C RS-232C, 9 pin D-sub male
1pps Input (GPS ANT Input) 1Hz, TTL level, 50Ω BNC
 ( when optional internal GPS receiver is employed, this input is used for GPS ANT input, 50Ω TNC-female)
Ethernet TCP/IP, 10/100BASE-T, RJ-45UDP/IP for SNMP
OUTPUT   Other
RF OUT Band ||| , 170-230MHz
50Ω N female : 250W (PA)
50Ω 7/16 DIN female: 250W(N) to 2.0kW
50Ω 1-5/8” EIA-UF: with Filter & Rack option
(without output BPF)
IMP ≤ -36dB, MER ≥ 32dB
Exciter output: +10dBm, 50Ω BNC
Frequency stability: <= ±1x10-7day@+25℃
(without external reference)
Power Supply 380/400/415V, 3 phases, 4 wires as standard,
Also possible to operate with single phase, 220/230/240V or 200/208/220/230V, 3 phases, 3 wires as standard.
Voltage Fluctuation ±15 %
Power Supply Frequency 50/60Hz ±5 %
RF Monitor More than 0dBm, 50Ω BNC Ambient Temperature 0 ℃ to +45 ℃
Local Monitor Center frequency of RF output, 0dBm, CW,50Ω BNC Relative Humidity ≤ 90%

Dimensions & Weight

Component Size WxDxH (mm) Weight (kg)
Exciter DM-3100 480 ×520 × 44 (1U) 6.5
TX CONTROL HPC-1427 480 ×572 × 44 (1U) 4.8
PA VA400RE 480 ×500 × 170 (4U) 21


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