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DTU-70D Series : Liquid-Cooled Digital UHF TV Transmitter

Configuration Table

Output Model Name*1
(Dual-exciter Type)
Equipment Composition
Doherty Wideband PA TX Rack Cooling Pump and BPF
2.9kW 2.5kW DTU-70/2R9PQD 2 1 Built-in TX Rack
4.3kW 3.7kW DTU-70/4R3PQD 3
5.7kW 4.9kW DTU-70/5R7PQD 4
7.1kW 6.1kW DTU-70/7R1PQD 5
8.5kW 7.3kW DTU-70/8R5PQD 6 1
9.9kW 8.5kW DTU-70/9R9PQD 7
11.2kW 9.7kW DTU-70/11R2PQD 8
12.6kW 10.9kW DTU-70/12R6PQD 9
13.9kW 12.0kW DTU-70/13R9PQD 10
16.5kW 14.3kW DTU-70/16R5PQD 12
  • *1)Single-exciter type is also available The power variations are the same as shown above.

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