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Versatile Outdoor Router

IP Outdoor Solution for Smart Network


iPASOLINK GX is a compact, yet feature-rich all-outdoor L3 device, which is an integral component of NEC’s All-Outdoor Solution.  It is weather-proof, and its small footprint enables collocation with various outdoor equipments such as All Outdoor Radio, Outdoor Base Station, etc, and achieves significant TCO reduction due to simple management and without the need to occupy costly indoor site facilities or street cabinet space.  The iPASOLINK GX, with support for L3 routing and multicast is extensible to network topology beyond simple point-to-point, such as nodal and mesh, and to applications outside traditional wireless transport.


Easy deployment

  • Zero footprint
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • All-in-one package

Fit to LTE deployment

  • Rich Packet feature with QoS and L3 routing protocols

Support topologies

  • Linear, Hub & Spoke, Ring, and mesh networks

Ethernet OAM feature

  • 802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731 Ethernet OAM

High reliability

  • VRRP, Ethernet Ring Protection (G.8032)

High level protection for outdoor condition

  • IP67 comply (against intrusion of dust particles and water molecules)

Optional Features

    • Synchronous Ethernet
    • Line bonding
    • Shaper control with AMR feedback
    • Synegy operation of iPASOLINK GX and microwave divice

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