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All Outdoor Radio - 5GHz Unlicensed Band -


Easy & Simple Deployment for Private Network

iPASOLINK UX provides cost effective Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connectivity for fixed and nomadic wireless services. Delivering 450Mbps in the unlicensed 5GHz spectrum conforming to IEEE 802.11a/n, this device is suitable for providing services to both public and private networks, such as sensor and surveillance, and disaster prevention and restoration. Its design and construction allow for reliable operation in the harshest conditions and fast and effortless installation.



Unlicensed frequency band

  • Save on license costs
  • Eliminate time-consuming license application for rapid survey-to-market.
  • Adaptive carrier sense for immunity against interference

Max.450Mbps link capacity

  • High capacity links can be established much faster than optical fiber.
  • Network capacity can be expanded easily by multiple iPASOLINK UX.

High Throughput Multi-HopHigh Throughput Multi-Hop

Compact and lightweight, easily blends in with the surrounding

Low power consumption

Easy and fast installation

  • no specialized skills or tools needed
  • no need for precise alignment

Frequency Band

  • 4.900 – 5.000GHz / 5.470 – 5.725GHz

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