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NEC's Strengths

A New Energy Society will require technology such as the Smart Grid to balance energy supply and demand. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will thus play an increasingly vital role in establishing an information and telecommunications infrastructure for the proper collection and control of data pertaining to energy components. It will also play a pivotal role in data processing technology that will enable the effective use of this information.


NEC is the first company in the world to announce C&C, the integration of computers and communications. NEC has been providing highly reliable ICT solutions for numerous companies and other organizations.

For power companies and others involved in the supply side of energy, NEC has long offered an IT network that supports power grids.This history of excellence enables NEC to provide systems that link the supply and demand sides of energy.

We also use the Cloud to offer technology such as data warehousing systems that accurately process and store large volumes of data in high performance storage, then extract and analyze that data to suit the business operator's needs.

What is "New Energy Society"?

As the world's population and economies continue to grow, energy demand and CO₂ emissions continue to increase. This has been placing a significant burden on our global environment.

Replacing conventional fossil fuels with renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind power is viewed as one promising solution to this challenge.

In addition, storage technology, which temporarily stores surplus energy, and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) which maintains a balance between energy supply and demand, are also expected to play an increasingly vital role in the effective utilization of diversified energy sources.

In this New Energy Society, people will be able to live comfortably and without worries about energy supply stability, even when their energy comes from a diverse range of sources. To realize this society, NEC will continue pursuing a variety of initiatives.

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