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Our 7 Key Domains

Our End-to-End Product Portfolio Spans 7 Key Domains

  • Customer & Partner Management

    Netcracker's Customer & Partner Management offering gives service providers the functionality needed to onboard and manage relationships with third parties, improve sales efficiency and optimize customer care and experience. It comprises Customer Management, Customer Channel Management, Partner Management, Product Management and Marketing & Sales Management capabilities.

  • Revenue Management

    Netcracker's comprehensive Revenue Management offering is designed to knock down traditional business siloes and ensure that service providers have the capabilities needed to properly bill, rate and charge for the goods and services they deliver. It built on a Converged Charging & Billing component consisting of Active Mediation, Converged Rating & Charging, Customer Billing Management, Collections Management, Voucher Management, Online Charging system, Partner Billing Management and Bill Presentment capabilities.

  • Operations Management

    Netcracker's next-generation Operations Management offering is built on more than 20 years of experience in successfully delivering end-to-end service and infrastructure management capabilities, cutting through the service, resource and network layers and providing the real-time visibility and insight that service providers require today. It comprises Service Management, including fulfillment, order management, problem management and activation functionality, as well as comprehensive Resource Management and Network Management capabilities.

  • Orchestration

    Netcracker's Orchestration offering is dual-layered, consisting of both Service Orchestration and Network Orchestration capabilities. This gives service providers the management capabilities required to implement and govern hybrid architecture consisting of both virtual and physical infrastructure.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Netcracker's Big Data Analytics offering empowers service providers with the ability to collect and make use of the massive volumes of data being generated by companies and consumers today. The offering comprises Data Acquisition, Data Aggregation, Data Storage, Data Analytics and Reporting & Visualization capabilities.

  • Cloud Platform

    Netcracker's Cloud Platform serves as the foundation of all Netcracker's offerings and uses a flexible, open ecosystem that can support a wide range of business models and partnerships. It also helps service providers simplify the adoption and deployment of other cloud and virtualization technologies.

  • Virtual Functions, Management & Infrastructure

    Together with NEC, Netcracker offers a comprehensive Virtual Functions, Management & Infrastructure offering that is built on the unique combination of IT and networking expertise from the two companies. It comprises a range of components, including Customer Edge VNFs, Core VNFs, Value-Added VNFs, Virtual Functions Ecosystem, Management & Control and Network & Data Center Infrastructure. For more information, go to Netcracker's Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice (AVP) webpage:


  • Increase business and operational agility.
  • Create and deliver services faster.
  • Rapidly adapt to changing customer demands.
  • Enhance automation.
  • Utilize pre-integrated solutions to support virtualization and reduce operational costs.
  • Launch new business models and revenue streams.
  • Leverage new technologies, deploy new service and business models and address the challenges of the rapidly changing communications industry.
  • Enable customer-centric operations.
  • Develop a deeper understanding and improve the management of customer behavior and experience.

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