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NEC and Netcracker

Together, NEC and Netcracker introduce a unique perspective to service providers. By leveraging the combined strength of NEC's deep-rooted experience in networking and IT with Netcracker's proven expertise in infrastructure management and monetization, service providers have access to the most innovative solutions, services, tools and platforms that enable long-term growth and success.

Netcracker is the proven leader in developing, delivering and supporting the most cutting-edge BSS/OSS for service providers of all sizes around the world. Its comprehensive suite consists of everything from billing, rating and charging to service assurance and fulfillment to network and resource management.

As a multiyear CMMI Level 5-appraised company, Netcracker has proven its service innovation and delivery expertise time and again, underscoring its commitment to continually improve project management, product integration and process management. Netcracker's world-class record for successfully implementing BSS/OSS and enabling large-scale digital transformations is what drives the company to excel every day.


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