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Small Cells


FP813, FPA1624

FP813 small cell is a 'zero touch' consumer premises device for homes and small offices, which supports full HSDPA and HSUPA data rates whilst supporting up to 8 simultaneous calls.
FPA1624 Small Cell is an indoor base station for small to medium enterprises that supports HSPA+ data rates and up to 16 simultaneous calls.


NEC's Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) is the industry's first 3G/LTE radio access network designed to provide Coverage, Capacity, and smart applications to enterprises.


MB4420 (NEC's all-in-one eNodeB) offers a cost-efficient yet highly-capable design. It can realize a capacity-driven Small Cell network while simplifying costs across the whole process from network development to network operation. It is specifically designed to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX, thus minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for LTE network providers. Its optimized high capacity design boosts revenue streams and stimulates further business transformation. In addition, this versatile platform can be adapted for use with next-generation, advanced LTE technologies with just some simple software updates.


NEC's NFV C-RAN is Fronthaul-aware C-RAN which adjusts the function split between DU and RU automatically according to the fronthaul condition.

Massive MIMO AAS for 5G

NEC's Massive MIMO AAS for 5G is consisting of RF front end and full digital controlled massive-element antenna in order to realize the miniaturization and high-efficiency.

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